Blocks To Commands

Plugin information

Blocks To Commands (BTC) is a plugin that allows a player to assign in game blocks commands and messages. When the assigned block is right-clicked the commands assigned to the block are run and the messages assigned to the block are sent to the player.
Author: ILoveAMac

Official documentation: Spigot, Documentation Page.

Source Code: GitHub.

Issue reporting: GitHub Issues, Spigot Discussion.

Why does this website exist? does not provide a method that allows users to download a version of a plugin for a specific version of Minecraft. This means I have to make one plugin JAR file that supports all versions of the game.
Doing it is by far not impossible, however it can become quite tedious.
*Also I do not trust my skill level yet to implement this properly*
Thus, I have created this website. In the downloads section of this website you can find all the versions of the BTC plugin sorted according to the versions of Minecraft it is compatible with.

More about this website

This website contains all data (or links to data) relevant to the plugin: Blocks To Commands.
This website was mainly created to supplement the information on the Spigot page of this plugin.
Use the downloads page to find the exact version of the plugin you want. All files available for download will be hosted on to provide you with the fastest downloads possible and most importantly an ad free experience. As of currently I do not intend to put ads on this website as I will not benefit from it in any way.
*The style of this website was influenced by*

About the author

On the internet I go by the name ILoveAMac I chose this name as when I bought my first Minecraft account on the first computer I got, which was a Mac. I don't use a Mac as my daily driver anymore but the name stuck.

As of the time I am writing this I am a first year Computer Engineering student. I have a passion for code and this was the first project of mine I made public.

I released the first version of this plugin way back in 2017 while I was still in highschool. The plugin started to pick up some speed and here I am now, recoding the plugin from scratch in an attempt to make it better.
I hope it turns out good! And holy dam thanks for reading all of this!